Stencil Rangoli

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Lata I was trying to look for something in one of the drawers of a table today and came across this stencil I bought few years ago (but did not find a chance to use before it got lost among other papers).. I bought 4 such stencils - it is a plastic sheet with pin holes forming the design. The Ganesha is one stencil and the two peacocks facing each other is another stencil. I combined it in such a way that the two peacocks were on either side of Ganesha and was pretty much happy with the outcome... Hope you all like it too Smile


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just a quick question...

just a quick question... where can i get these stencils ????

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Judy Ma'am, its very

Judy Ma'am, its very neat....

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Thank you Lata, Viji,

Thank you Lata, Viji, Pushpa, Madhu and Radha...

JKM I never really thought about this angle of the story when I did this - actually yes, I must try and put the mushika (pin prick the stencil myself) below Gannu one of these days... Muruga please dont get angry with me for lending Gannu your "Waagan R" (hehe Rajamma you are too much)

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wow very nice judy madam ...

wow very nice judy madam ...

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good idea and u always think

good idea and u always think how to present new things.congrats for ur ideas.The ganesha will be suit for coming vinayaga chathurthy also.

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Very nice one Judy ma'am ..

Very nice one Judy ma'am .. I have quite a few of these stencils as well ... will try out some time ... you always inspire me and give me ideas as what to do next on ikolam... thanks for that

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Good treasure hunt!Next

Good treasure hunt!Next will be Murugan's, coming in search of his Waagan'R?

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Nice patterns. Kudos to

Nice patterns. Kudos to the designer(Drunk! They always remain nameless.
By placing peacocks by the side of vinAyaka (who seems to be missing his mUshika) may lead to a tiff between brothers.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice idea viji

Nice idea

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Very nice arrangement, and

Very nice arrangement, and an easier way to make rangolis for people who want it done this way. I'm glad about the different options we have nowadays.
Check out Ms.Sindhu's peacock rangolis: