Baroda Rangoli

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I had 5 pictures of Baroda Rangolis. sending 3 of them. The best 2 I am still searching.
One is a lady with a silver tumbler and the other is a dancer in a Mughal durbar. You have to see it to believe it.

Rangoli: Baroda Rangoli


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Wowwww, Is it rangoli? It was like a painting.What is baroda rangoli?

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WOW!!! excelent....vani... pathukoongu......try panungu vani....

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is it rangoli or painting?
What does the term Baroda Rangoli?

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In Baroda, around Diwali, they conduct a rangoli competition in which many men take part. They take their own time, even upto a week, to do them. Each and every piece will be a master-piece! You are not allowed to take photo of them but they sell the photographs outside the hall.