Radhikha 3

Rangoli: rangoli during varamahalakshmi pooja
Rangoli: simple rangoli
Rangoli: Kinnal art work
Rangoli: varalakshmi vritham 2012
Rangoli: pongal kolam
Rangoli: Flower kolam
Rangoli: republic day rangoli

I did this rangoli especially for Republic day in this I have drawn the picture of a famous Tamil poet MAHA KAVI BHARATIAR who fought for freedom along with his beautiful songs. Im a great fan of his songs, now I've tried out in my kolam. Below that a thin stroke shows a sketch of MAHATMA GANDHIJI.

Rangoli: rangoli during boghi

This is my free hand rangoli made during boghi festival day.

Rangoli: rangoli during pongal 2011

This is the Rangoli which was done by me and my mom during pongal and the design in this shows an elephant holding lamps .The design used here is known as MAKARA VILAKU and it was being used before 2400 years . I got this information in a magazine now I've tried out in kolam.

Rangoli: peacock kolam

This is a peacock kolam of 9*9 dots.I have rangoli colour powders in it.

Rangoli: vinayagar and gowri pooja

This photo was taken during vinayagar chaturti and gowri pooja in my home.

Rangoli: X mas rangoli

This is the rangoli which I did on the day of X-mas using rangoli powders .

Rangoli: Varalakshmi pooja

This photo was taken during Varalakshmi pooja 2010 at my Home.The bigger Turmeric Gowri Was done by me .

Rangoli: New year Rangoli

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year and This is my Free hand rangoli especially done for New year 2011.