Radhikha 3

Rangoli: rangoli during varamahalakshmi pooja
Rangoli: simple rangoli
Rangoli: Kinnal art work
Rangoli: varalakshmi vritham 2012
Rangoli: pongal kolam
Rangoli: Flower kolam
Rangoli: sequins work

Hi to all this is the sequence work done by me from my record note and I wish all ikolam friends A VERY HAPPY WOMENS DAY . On this nice day I would like to dedicate this work to all ikolam members ...

Rangoli: laisy daisy stitch sample

This is the photo of laisy daisy stitch embroidery sample from my record note book.

Rangoli: Bullion and french knot sample

This is my next embroidery sample emphasizing french knot and bullion knot.

Rangoli: chain stitch embroidery

This is a photo of chain stitch sample from my record book and along with that I have used stem, romanian, open chain and satin in very few places . hope you all enjoy this...

Rangoli: mickey mouse embroidery

Hai to all This is the photo of my hand embroidery work which i did for submitting Anchor All India embroidery contest the competition before one year and competition was too tough with many talents even I did not win Im so happy with my work and sharing it with you all . in this I have used many stitches like chain, back,long and short, satin, roumanian, spider web,etc,. hope you all enjoy this..

Rangoli: Embroidery  Back stitch

This is the photo of BACK stitch embroidery sample from my college surface decoration practicals record book. I have used it in a sparrow design along with some paint to enhance its look and to hide its raw edges I have placed chart paper leaving space for embroidery design above that I have drawn a flower like to decorate its outer portion.

Rangoli: watermelon carving

This is a water melon carving which I did on this sunday. I have emphasised fish in this work hope you all like this..

Rangoli: mehndi

Hai to all this is the photo of mehndi designed by me in my hands hope you all will enjoy this too..