Varalakshmi pooja

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About Varalakshmi pooja:

This photo was taken during Varalakshmi pooja 2010 at my Home.The bigger Turmeric Gowri Was done by me .

varalakshmi puja
Rangoli: Varalakshmi pooja


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wow!!lakshmi face has come out very very nice....beautiful alankarams....

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Beautiful decoration. Turmeric lakshmi is very beautiful.


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Divine. Lovely flowers adoring the Goddess.

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Your decoration looks very beautiful...Lakshmi looks so divine...

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Radhika maam too good, the face of the Amman looks so pretty

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Thankyou so much for ur good comments.

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Turmeric lakshmi is very cute divine.keep it up

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please tell me the process of making turmeric images .is it last for ever?

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firs t turmeric powder should be sieved well and then add water little by little till it can hold firmly when pressed like how u press for laddus and start doing gowri by placing eyes nose and all features in face on base of turmeric ball . making of ball is the base for the face type whether it is oval or round face. now add jewels ,etc .,and place it on where u need it carefully . this gowri do last for maximum 3days if u need it to last longer u can try it with sandal powder.

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Turmuric lakshmi attracts me to go on watching.Artificial jwellary alankarams looks very beautiful.

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Radhika,thank you very much for explaining the process in simple format .when i am free i will definitely give a try

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Very nice arrangement. Turmeric arrangement looks like the one done at temple. Great work.