Radhikha 3

Rangoli: rangoli during varamahalakshmi pooja
Rangoli: simple rangoli
Rangoli: Kinnal art work
Rangoli: varalakshmi vritham 2012
Rangoli: pongal kolam
Rangoli: Flower kolam
Rangoli: kolam in front of Kolu 2011

Hai ... Wishing you all Happy Navaratri .
This is kolam made in front of kolu in nearby vinayagar temple this year which gave lots of appreciations by the viewers and is the combined work of me and my mom .It took 5 to 6 hrs to get it completed .

Rangoli: vinayagar chaturti kolam

Hai to all as I said before This is the kolam made in front of god after the completion of pooja In this I have placed decorated card board pieces which I did for dangler before in this link around mini tulsi maadam and placed a lamp
around the card board pieces .Ive used finger technique along with mirrors which gave more glittering look in glowing light more beautiful than viewing in photo and last one is centered by terrocota piece and decorated with mirrors and colour powders . hope you all enjoy this ..

Rangoli: krishna jayanthi kolam

Hai to all this is my krishna jayanthi kolam in front of Lord krishna .In this I made a chart rangoli with fabric colours accompanying colour powder around that.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Vritam 2011 kolam

Hai to all This is the kolam I made for varalakshmi vritam this year using finger technique and in centre of flowers I have placed mirrors and main emphasis in the middle of the kolam is Hand made ohb sheet work using glass colours and Ive used 3d outliners instead of glass liners. hope you all like this ..

Rangoli: jadai alangaram for Goddess Parvathi Devi

Hai to all This is the small mini jadai which I made last week for Goddess Parvathi Devi Vighraga in nearby Temple during Pradosham and Hope you all like this ..

Rangoli: Aadi friday kolam

Hai to all after a long time Im uploading my Aadi friday rangoli and I did this in a hury bury Hope you all like this too..

Rangoli: melon carving vinayagar

Hai to all This is my melon carving emphasised with vinayagar and a same rose on top portion. I tried this out using a new curved cutting Knife (not a carving tool )which My Dad bought for me after a long search in shops . I have uploaded clubbed photos taken in different angles for your views .Hope you all will like this .

Rangoli: rose water melon carving

Hai to all . This is a water melon rose carving and I learnt using Internet in this url
in this video they have used special tools but I have used normal knive to do this .I tried the same rose in 5 to 6 melons but only last two melons came out well so I have uploaded last two carvings hope you all like this ...