mickey mouse embroidery

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Hai to all This is the photo of my hand embroidery work which i did for submitting Anchor All India embroidery contest the competition before one year and competition was too tough with many talents even I did not win Im so happy with my work and sharing it with you all . in this I have used many stitches like chain, back,long and short, satin, roumanian, spider web,etc,. hope you all enjoy this..

Rangoli: mickey mouse embroidery


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Don't worry .Cngratulation for participating in such a big event.According to us u r a true winner.This work is tooooooooooo good Radhika

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Fantastic work, though you have not won the price, you have won our heart. Lovely drawing and neat stitching

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Very cute mickey mouse with expressive eyes. Very nice colour threads used for your neat and beautiful work. Participating in such a big event itself is like winning. Surely you would have given a tough competition to others in the contest.

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radhika very nice.... the colour combination and the drawings are too good..

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Wow Radhika such a multitalented person u are, it is the enthusiasm to take part which counts, I am glad u took part, this looks wonderful dear

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Wow Radhika this is such a pretty piece of work - so very colourful..

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Wow, that is a lovely embroidery work from you - done very neatly and beautifully. So you are an expert at embroidery too - that is another feather in your "arts" cap!!! Now I have become a fan of your arts, Radhika. Great work - keep it going.... Smile

And pl call me either Sindhu or Sindhuja only (no maam).

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Thankyou so much for your motivating comments which is a greatest prize for me ..

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Fantastic work, looks very nice

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Wow...nice and patiently done hand embroidery radhika....thanks for sharing it with us....

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Very good and neat embroidery! You have used almost all stitches suitably!

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hai radhika...beautiful! excellent work! suguna murugesan

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Fantastic work.


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Very fabulous job which looks so marvellous.

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Nice design. Great work.