kolam in front of Kolu 2011

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Hai ... Wishing you all Happy Navaratri .
This is kolam made in front of kolu in nearby vinayagar temple this year which gave lots of appreciations by the viewers and is the combined work of me and my mom .It took 5 to 6 hrs to get it completed .

Rangoli: kolam in front of Kolu 2011


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wow very divine!!!!suguna murugesan

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convey my wishes to ur mother! suguna murugesan

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Wow I am totally amazed at this work. You are a really talented person Radhika dear. Look at the eyes, the facial expression, the saree, jewellery, everything is perfect. Too good. Hats off to ur talent dear.

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rathika beautiful flower arrangements and sitting amman.... hats of U and your mother....

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This has come out so beautifully radhika....wishes to u and ur mom....

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Arumayaana rangoli. Ammanin karunai pongum kangalum alankaarangalum pramaadham.You will get HER blessings in everything.

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soooooooooo wonderful radhika.

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Perfect work..very divine,,hats off to u and ur mom.

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Oh...my...god! Look at the serenity and the beauty on the Devi's face! Great work by mom and daughter. Congratulations Radhika. A big thanks to your mom as well, for sharing her skilled work with us. Smile

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Such intricate work on the garland, the jewelry, the saree, and the border around the crown! I'm amazed at the level of your patience. :0 Have you highlighted the lotus with dark shades of pink at certain places? It is so beautiful. I have had the pleasure of meeting Viji madam once, but I want more. I also want to meet her relatives as well. Smile

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Wow Kuttimma,
fentasticda chellam.
Thanks to the koil priest he asked you Ambal.
Next time before he ask for, do Saraswathi with Veena.

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Radikas mother Usha is also a very pretty creator.(My pet kannamma)
She submerged inside the kitchen.(Of course a good cook also).

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wow! wonderful work.

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Beautiful piece of work. Great work by you and your mom. The eyes, crown and jewellery of the Amman is so nice entire rangoli is very divine.

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Thankyou so much Suguna Mam , Dibbu Mam, julien Mam, Rajamma Mam, Bala Mam, Rajaarthy Mam, Lata Mam, vijima, MalarAnand Mam and veena Mam for your encouraging comments and this makes me to do more with improvements and Lata Mam I tried to give shadings to the lotus with pink as full base and above that I sieved a little of candy pink colour powder but It did not work out to my expectations And as vijima said this credit all came in a way bcoz of the temple priest who changed my mind from drawing easy picture of shivan to little trickier picture of Ambal bcoz I did not see any trial in paper before drawing it on the floor when He told to draw ambal we did that .

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mesmerising....the hardwork is duely appreciated...such a nice & intricate work on the jewels & crown....all good, i am sure you are gifted to make it at the temple...thanks for sharing.

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wow very very beautiful. Very very colourful. congrats to you and ur mom. gud job.

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Excellent work. No words to describe the beauty of the kolam. Perfect is ever way. The colour combination and the propotions of the kolam.. everything is so neatly done.

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such a fantastic deed radhika. awesome

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wow...wow...wow....very well done...(i am thinking how bad it wud be to remove this rangoli the next day)....

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Thankyou so much for your good comments and jayshree Mam they did not remove and will not remove that kolam in temple it will remain for full navratri .

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Wow, fantastic and fabulous work, dear Radhika. Looks like a real decorated Amman statue. Please convey our wishes to your mother too.