Rangoli: Happy boghi
Rangoli: Margazhi day 21 kolam
Rangoli: vaikunta ekadesi kolam
Rangoli: Happy new yr
Rangoli: Friday pujakolam
Rangoli: Margazhi day 11
Rangoli: marghali kolam

hai frnz, its an angry kolam (23 to 1) done in 15 min, since papu was gazing at me without preparing for his madhyama, he he he ur comments pls

Rangoli: marghali kolam

hai frnz,its one of my marghali kolam, ur views pls

Rangoli: marghali 3rd day

hope this rain will never go, so i decided to make my kolam indoor, ur comments pls

Rangoli: marghali rain kolam

frnz its my marghali 2nd day kolam done on a rainy day , ur comments pls

Rangoli: karthigai kolam

hai frnz, its my 1st submission, though ive commented in this site i havnt uploaded yet,i got this kolam from our site and tried,it started to drizzle ,and ive just saved a little by clicking it,ur comments please

Rangoli: Umaraja Golu.


I've submitd 2 images fof my golu.ive shown the mountain temples sabarimalai,algarkovil,palani,as our theme.the rich paari has covered the mountains.

Rangoli: Umaraja Golu

its my 2nd image .its abt the various formalities of temples like vilaku puja,pongal, gurukulam, paari oorvalam,pradhosham,pambu putru,