marghali kolam

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hai frnz, its an angry kolam (23 to 1) done in 15 min, since papu was gazing at me without preparing for his madhyama, he he he ur comments pls

Rangoli: marghali kolam


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I do not think the kolam is angry, it looks nice with red lotus flowers. Hurry burry kolams also will look nice only.

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angry kolam??? No I am not going to tell you to be angry always so we get to see nice kolams from you... Angry and we get pretty kolams - much more if you are happy??? Can you please let us see some happy kolams also??

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Wow...uma.....such a neat kolam in just 15 mins dear gaze at ur mom as much as u can from now that we would be able to see more biiiig kolams like this one...haiyya...margazhi has started at uma's place...hahaha

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angry kolam? yaruku angry!!uma ka...kolam ka!!hahah(angry is who rangoli or uma?)in angry also you(rangoli) looks very beautiful..get angry often!!pl.....

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ha ha ha so all my frnz have enjoyed my anger,thanx a lot rajamma mam, jude, rani,and lax

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Your angry kolam looks very pretty with good colours...You revealed a secret.... angry brings out the best in you ... is it not??

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Really really bright!

Regards! - mOhana

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By the way, what do you mean by perparing for madhyama?

Regards! - mOhana

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nice lotus flower kolam.

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Your angry kolam is very bright and neat .the angrily put colors (yellow, pink, orange and blush green) probably worked like shading ,so call your papu to keep you angry whenever you are planning to make big ,nice kolam

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Thank u sree,sowmi, jkm sir (hindhi exam), and rekha,

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Very nicely coloured Kolam. How did pappu do in madhymik?

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very nice lotus is beautiful.

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Thanx brindha (exam is only on feb 13th, now revision xams going on), subha

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The only Hindi exam I passed was prAthamika Smile I learnt all my Hindi by watching Hindi movies, listening to Hindi songs and All India Radio news. Of course, I had a dictionary which I used to consult for new and unknown words. Of course, there may be some difficulty nowadays to follow this, as most of the Indian languages have more English words and we may end up learning English Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Smiling Kolam Smile
Beautiful work.

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angry kolam looks cool kolam Smile

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The degree of your anger can be seen in the bright red lotus colour. Nice colour kolam.


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angry kolam is very cool and pleasent.

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thank u maha, anirudh vinci and bala