Rangoli: Happy boghi
Rangoli: Margazhi day 21 kolam
Rangoli: vaikunta ekadesi kolam
Rangoli: Happy new yr
Rangoli: Friday pujakolam
Rangoli: Margazhi day 11
Rangoli: micro kaavis

hai frnz,, these were done in my doorsteps during various aadi fridays, i didnt want to trouble u all 6 times,, thats y ive given a mini meals for u ,,,, enjoy

Rangoli: independence day

hai frnz, wish u all a happy independence day, ur comments pls

Rangoli: maakolam 1

hai frnz, its my 1st maakolam, hope i may improve still in my further uploads .maakolam experts kindly share ur experiences and advices regarding d free flow of d batter

Rangoli: roller kolam

hai frnz, finally my roller obeyed(he he to an extent), after seeing d final outcome i thought i could have planned still more, anyhow i wanted to share with u all, ur comments pls

Rangoli: sunday special

hai frnz, sunday morning is a very free peaceful one for most of us, these are my sunday kolams done in a very free mood

Rangoli: aadivelli 1

hai frnz, its my aadi velli kolam, before i could click a neat image a strong wind shed some leaves in my wk, kindly bear with d image, ur comments pls;

Rangoli: happy kolam

today morning my ils went on a tour and i was left alone(v.happy)at home, i made this kutti kolam and admired it,(dont come and hit me frnz)

Rangoli: kuttikaavikolam

hai frnz, i did this small kaavi kolam on fri. It wasnt done for d sake of an upload but i just wanted to share this small one which looked very appealing to me.