Rangoli: Happy boghi
Rangoli: Margazhi day 21 kolam
Rangoli: vaikunta ekadesi kolam
Rangoli: Happy new yr
Rangoli: Friday pujakolam
Rangoli: Margazhi day 11
Rangoli: Krishnajeyanthi - (50th kolam)

hai frnz, its my 50th submission and ofcourse done for krishnajeyanthi,, its our all time favrt 15 to 8 rose kolam with few extensions,,since its my vvvvfavrt kolam i wanted to do this for d 50th,,, in my young age it was d only kolam which i knew to draw,he he he , ur comments pls

Rangoli: blue whales - cruise

hai frnz,this is a 16 to 4 kolam created by me,, i modified a regular fish kolam into blue whales for our cruise submission ,, how is it???

Rangoli: seahorse

hai frnz,these sea horses were done on papus writing table, how is it???

Rangoli: finding nemo

hai frnz,, when i planned a kolam for d cruise papu wanted me to do nemo fishes,, we both enjoyed a lot in making this,,well lets start our trip hae hae............

Rangoli: welcome cruise

hai frnz, this blue kolam is to welcome our cruise with a shoal of our pretty fish and sea creature kolams,,WELCOME ,,ur comments pls

Rangoli: lighthouse

hello everybody, this is my submission for d cruise,, can u see a lighthouse,starfish,jelly fish and a marmaid here?how is it?

Rangoli: time pass

hai frnz, yesterday evening when papu was busy writing i was a bit bored,, and by sitting beside him i took d rangoli powders to draw a trial krishnapadukkas,, due to interest i started extending it which resulted in this kolam, it just took 10min to do this, hw is it frnz?

Rangoli: thank u

hello rekha aunty, i was very pleased in seeing ur cruise with my name, thank u. this is my independence day displayboard article , dedicated to u, thank u again aunty