Rangoli: small chikku kolam 3
Rangoli: dotted kolam 62
Rangoli: CHILDRENS DAY 2011
Rangoli: dotted kolam 61
Rangoli: dotted kolam 60
Rangoli: free hand kolam 31
Rangoli: free hand kolam 15

hai viewers
This small free hand kolam was drawn by me on 2nd adi cheivai. ist time i used kavi... your comments please...

Rangoli: thanks giving

Dear PM & Suba mam.,
Please accept my child drawing paper... she is so happy for yours nice gift....

Rangoli: dotted kolam

i draw this dotted kolam. dotted 10 - 10 straight..

Rangoli: free hand kolam 11

This small free hand kolam drawn by me and colored it....

Rangoli: small chikku kolam

Dear Maha,Vasanthi and rani mam., i tried my first chikku small kolam for your suggestion.. i will try... but not suitable 4 me... but i saw your kolams i enjoyed and try... ...

dots 7-1

Rangoli: free hand kolam 9

This design is my daughter's colouring book... i draw this kolam my child colored it....
on saturday....

Rangoli: free hand kolam 7

Hai viewers, this is small free hand kolam drawn by me on tuesday... kolam..

Rangoli: dotted kolam 32

this small dotted kolam drawn my child school reopen day... she is ready to goes to school.,