Rangoli: small chikku kolam 3
Rangoli: dotted kolam 62
Rangoli: CHILDRENS DAY 2011
Rangoli: dotted kolam 61
Rangoli: dotted kolam 60
Rangoli: free hand kolam 31
Rangoli: small dotted kolam

small dotted kolam
A very easy kolam for beginners...
dots 4-4 straight dots.

Rangoli: flower kolam

this is my another flowers kolam drawn by me. first i draw a pencil then i use colour pencil. give me comments...

dots :
15 - 8 interlaced dots (Idukku Pulli) Kolam.

Rangoli: lotus

This kolam is lotus and butterfly.
dot count
15 - 1 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

Rangoli: lotus

lotus kolam., i draw a kolam on rebublic day.... this is my another one creation...

Rangoli: flower pots

this rongoli is roses in pots...
dots 17 - 9

Rangoli: birds

hai everybody. i do this bird kolam on tamil new year
dots 10 -10

Rangoli: star kolam

this kolam is another one for all. i drew a kolam on my daughter's birthday.
dots :
14 - 2 - stop 7

Rangoli: lamp kolam

this is kolam is very simple and small kolam for Vilakku.
dots 6 - 1