thanks giving

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About thanks giving:

Dear PM & Suba mam.,
Please accept my child drawing paper... she is so happy for yours nice gift....

Rangoli: thanks giving


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Beautiful drawing by Athirai. her hand writing is also good. Julien, make her to practise this running style writing. For sure she will have a good hand writing in future.


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wow kutti asathite po!-suguna murugesan

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what a cute gift kutti, hope both of them would b pleased to c this dear

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Wow Julien, such a cute picture. How did u get that pattern while coloring. So very nice dear. Give one hug on my behalf for your daughter. Yes As Maha said, her handwriting is very very beautiful. Encourage her dear. Kutti well done chellam.

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what a pretty retun gift from athirai to suba dear .Athirai welldone child .,god bless u .love to u dear

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Wow...athirai kutty...sabaash...nice drawing ....lovely handwriting also....samathu kutty....

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Thank U maha... i also like athirai writing style... really i am to write in this method... because i am also studied in Goverment school... i miss some advantages... in the mean time i enjoyed my child's studies....

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Thank you suguna mam., uma mam, Reka mam, rani mam, and pushpa mam(yes mam she is studying in 1st std., she is like to drawing, and dance (Bharatha Nattiyam) she know well 8 steps... )thanks for your encouragements....

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Super drawing Athirai...nice hand writing too...Indeed a very pretty thanks giving.

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Athirai kutti, Thank you so much for your nice gift. You are very creative in drawing and coloring. As everybody said your handwriting tells you are an artist.Keep it up. Your PM looks like RM to me... R(aja)M hai naa?

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Thank U somya, and beloved rajam amma., nice commenting you for my kid... one day she was saw your grand childrens are sitting on your leg - photos... then she asked me .... (pattimauvkku leg pain has come..... )... hahaaha.....

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wow,wow, wow , Thank you da chellam.jullien, as pushpa mentioned give my hug also, and my kisses and blessing too.Tell her , I like her drawing and handwriting very again I want to thanks for her nice gift.Thank you adirai kutty.