Rangoli: small chikku kolam 3
Rangoli: dotted kolam 62
Rangoli: CHILDRENS DAY 2011
Rangoli: dotted kolam 61
Rangoli: dotted kolam 60
Rangoli: free hand kolam 31
Rangoli: free hand kolam 18

This small free hand kolam was drawn on Friday... and using with kavi.. i share with u... Friends..

Rangoli: Cruise theme

Lata mam i am submiting a pencil drawing. please add it.. Cruise theme

Rangoli: Cruise theme

Hello mam,
i am submitting my second one Cruise theme.

Rangoli: Cruise theme

lata mam., i am sending my rangoli for Cruise theme... check it.. mam..

Rangoli: dotted kolam 40

Hai friends
I draw this small dotted kolam on Independence day... no time for sharing... i am uploading today...
dots : 9 - 5


HAI friends.
i drawn this small dotted kolam on varalakshmi viratham.... i am waiting for your comments...
dot count..

Rangoli: free hand kolam 17

Hello friends,
this small freehand kolam for drawn on 4th Adicheivai.... i share with ikolam viewers....

Rangoli: free hand kolam 8

Dear Lata mam., i already submit this freehand kolam.... 10 days back. till now not come.. so i attached again...