Cruise theme

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lata mam., i am sending my rangoli for Cruise theme... check it.. mam..

Rangoli: Cruise theme


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your kolams are beautiful without dots it is difficult for me to do pls provide me the dots thks

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wow juli kalakite! nice shanku fish kolam!-suguna murugesan

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Very very beautiful and colourful fish cum shanku kolam Julien...a snake, a crab, a ship..and those lovely bubbles...very good dear.

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Very beautiful kolam julien...glad that u could join kutty sikku kolam is too good pa...

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juli this is so marvelous da, fishes,conches everything looks cute

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Very nicely drawn Julien. Lovely colour kolam which includes most of the sea creatures.

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THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR YOUR LOVABLE COMMENTS... FOR MY Satiscation.... I am very happy to join the Cruise Theme... My Sincere thanks goes to DEAR LATA Mam.....

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Beautiful fish kolam, Julien.


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Julie dear, I am so glad u could take part in this. Wow u have covered most of the sea creatures and the kolam of fishes and shanku look very cute and pls call me Pushpa dear, no maam.

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very beautiful and colourful kolam julie.

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Thank U Maha, pushpa mam(mam i am youngest for u.) accept for me... and bala mam...

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very nice fish and shanku kolam including other creatures also.

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Thank U Padma

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very nice kolam jullien.Every thing is very cute.

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Dear Julie,

I was impressed at the way you asked about what to do about the theme and joined in almost on the last day! Smile
This design is an apt one for the theme and you've done a good job of making it on the floor.
There are quite a few creepy-crawlies around the main fish kolam. I also see a snake at the top left.
Just wondering, would the design look even more beautiful if you had used one color to color all of your four fishes in the main design?
The next time you think about coloring your designs, please try using one contrasting color for main elements like the shells. For example, using yellow for the fishes, and dark green or purple for the four main shells may make this design stand out even more. But, the only way to know for sure would be to try it out. Smile
I also couldn't help noticing a couple of more things. There is a main shell missing on the left, and the wonderful green-and-pink flowery border motif seen at the lower left is missing its companion on the upper left.

May I make a request, Julie? Could you please make this kolam one more time for us to enjoy? This time only use the main four shells and the four fishes, with the lovely green-pink flowery motif as a border, and only two colors for the shells and fish (one color for the fishes and the other for the shells). You could use the same green-pink combination of colors for the flowery border on both sides. Please consider making it and take your own time in uploading it here.
Thank you so much for participating in this theme, and, I'm going to have so much more fun travelling with you and seeing the world via this cruise. :0

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Really interesting! Looking forward to see the one done with latAjI's suggestions.

Regards! - mOhana