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Rangoli: Sikku Kolam 11-1 series-3
Rangoli: 11-1 series
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: 13 series
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Basic Design Kolam
  • Sikku kolam
  • Onam Kolam
  • Dotted Kolam
  • Free Hand Kolam
  • Maa kolam
  • Free Hand kolam
  • Copy cat kolam of JKM sir
Rangoli: Basic Design Kolam

Lata, I am uploading my extension of your basic design kolam. Friends as I didn't had time nor space to implement this design, I have done on the paper itself. if any one is impressed by this design, pls try on the floor.

Rangoli: Sikku kolam

Sikku kolam done for the Gowri Ganesha festival. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Onam Kolam

This is the first flower kolam I tried and I am dedicating this to all ikolam friends who are celeberating Onam. Sorry for the delayed wish.

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam

This rangoli was drawn by our servant and coloured by me. Your views pls...

Rangoli: Free Hand Kolam

This kolam was done when I had been to my relatives place to attend some function. I wish you all a VERY HAPPY GOWRI AND GANESHA FESTIVAL.

Rangoli: Maa kolam

This sikku kolam was done on dining table, on Janmastami day. Your views pls....

Rangoli: Free Hand kolam

This free hand kolam was done on kitchen floor. Got this image from the net.

Rangoli: Copy cat kolam of JKM sir

The original kolam was the gold fish kolam and the fishes was drawn seperately. I have modified a little without the permission of JKM sir. Sorry Sir. If JKM sir likes that, then thats the great reward for me.