Maa kolam

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This sikku kolam was done on dining table, on Janmastami day. Your views pls....

Rangoli: Maa kolam


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very detailed and neat padma,,, maakolam in a dining table is again a different try,, fantastic outcome

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wow so beautiful n so perfect! awesome dear!-suguna murugesan

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Very well done maakolam on a dining table Padma...looks of my favourite designs too.....It is very difficult to draw the strokes on a table and you have ensured that all of them are perfect and no over lapping.

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beautiful maa kolam, Padma.


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Very neat and perfect dinning table maa kolam. The strokes are perfect and lovely.

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kalakkara padma, wonderful.

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Wonderful looking kolam on ur table padma...d orange base is so bright...and beautiful...

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Vow!! I like the sikku kolam done with wet flour. Neat uniform strokes.
Border is elegant and superb
- PadmaKarthik

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Excellent chikku kolam padma. Looks very nice on the orange/brown background.

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Thank you Uma, Suguna, Soumi,Maha, Nitya, Bala,RAni, Padma and Pushpa for your comments.

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Lovely sikku kolam Padma.. The background colour is very attractive..

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Sandalwood floor, white maavu kolam.... super combination.