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Rangoli: Sikku Kolam 11-1 series-3
Rangoli: 11-1 series
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: 13 series
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Sikku kolam
  • Sikku kolam
  • Tulsi kolam
  • Padi Kolam
  • Sikku-kolam
  • Padi-kolam-4
  • Padikolam-3
  • Padikolam-2
Rangoli: Sikku kolam

This is the other version of the kolam which I recently submitted. Done for sankranthi at my mom's place. Hope you like this.

Rangoli: Sikku kolam

This sikku kolam is a combination of small kolams. Due to short of time simple colouring is done.

Rangoli: Tulsi kolam

A sikku kolam done in front of tulsi brundavan at my mom's place.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam

I tried this padikolam which I got in the net. Wanted to do this in wet mavu but could not do that.

Rangoli: Sikku-kolam

Sikku kolam for beginners. As I find very less time in the morning I can only draw small kolams.

Rangoli: Padi-kolam-4

Tried one more padikolam on the black board. The design ws taken from net.

Rangoli: Padikolam-3

This padi kolam design I got from the net and tried today morning for the first day of Dhanurmaasa. I was in hurry to leave to office so winded up fast.

Rangoli: Padikolam-2

This is a simple padi kolam, and copy cat kolam of one of our member's recent post. But taken only part of the design.