Copy cat kolam of JKM sir

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About Copy cat kolam of JKM sir : PRINT

The original kolam was the gold fish kolam and the fishes was drawn seperately. I have modified a little without the permission of JKM sir. Sorry Sir. If JKM sir likes that, then thats the great reward for me.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Copy cat kolam of JKM sir


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wow so beautiful padma!-suguna murugesan

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Wow, so beautifully done by you, Padma.


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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow awesome padma,beautiful presentation.

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very nice

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wow very creative design - have come out very well. Cute fishes.

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Wow so so cute kolam done by you padma mam. I like those corner fishes. so cute mam.

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Very beautifully made jkm sir's pattern padma...d sky blue col is so attractive....

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padma, thumba thumba chennagidhe, ( very very nice). Your modified kolam of Jkm sirs looks awesome.

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Very very beautifully done fish kolam Padma..looks very neat.

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nice wk with jkm sirs version

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Padma, Splendid. Iam stunned with your creativity.

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Woooow Padma, fabulous work by you dear. So very artistically and beautifully drawn fishes. I like the way you have not distorted the kolam and yet given a fish appearance using the chikku kolam. Good work by you dear. Looks very gorgeous.

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Thank you Suguna, Maha,Bala, JUly, Veena, Vasanthi, RAni, Sudha, Soumi, Uma and Nitya for your loving comments.

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Thank you Pushpa dear.

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Quite pretty, padmA ma'am! Thanks for the nice work and remembering me. My original interest was getting the knotted pattern. I thought people might not believe they look like goldfish Smile That is why I showed on the side the goldfish overlay.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice creativity work padma.very beautiful.