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Rangoli: Sikku Kolam 11-1 series-3
Rangoli: 11-1 series
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: 13 series
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Poo Kolam
  • Poo Kolam
  • Poo Kolam
  • Poo Kolam
  • Sikku kolam
  • Lotus kolam
  • kundan kolam
  • siiku kolam
Rangoli: Poo Kolam

I reused the flowers and prepared this small design in front of Tulasi Brundavana. Your views please.......

Rangoli: Poo Kolam

I tried to do Krishna Paadas using flowers.May be late for the krishna Janmastami. Hope you like this.

Rangoli: Poo Kolam

Another small poo kolam made on a small table. A small carpet design. your views please.

Rangoli: Poo Kolam

This is my first poo kolam. We had satyanarayana pooja at home, hence had lot of flowers. Inspired by lot many flower kolams I thought of this beginner kolam. Your views please........

Rangoli: Sikku kolam

Simple sikku kolam which was drawn infront of my house. Kolam I copied from net. Your views pls..

Rangoli: Lotus kolam

This kolam was drawn for varamahalakshmi pooja which i celeberated on the last friday of shravana. your views please.

Rangoli: kundan kolam

This is the first kundan kolam, I prepared. The seperate pieces may be rearranged to form different designs. So one to many kolams form. Your valuable views on this pls......

Rangoli: siiku kolam

This kolam is from my kolam book drawn using sketch pen. Your views on this pls.......