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About Padikolam-3:

This padi kolam design I got from the net and tried today morning for the first day of Dhanurmaasa. I was in hurry to leave to office so winded up fast.

Rangoli: Padikolam-3


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very nice padi with kavi kolam padma.I have sent a mait to your id.Have you seen?

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excellent padma Smile

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cute and sweet...looks grand

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Very nice padi kolam Smile

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very beautiful traditional kolam padma.

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Lovely padikolam padma...nice looking with ur red kavi... Smile

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Thank you @Suba - today I saw your mail and replied. If possible guide me in drawing kolams. Thank you Sugu, Lakshmi, Iniya,Bala and RAni.

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nice wk padma

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Very beautiful and nice padikolam Padma...pretty kavi.