Rangoli: Merry Christmas 2014
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 9
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 8
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 7
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 6
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 5
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  • rangoli without dots
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  • rangoli without dots
  • rangoli without dots
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hai this is the second kolam submitted for our spring garden...yr views pl

Rangoli: LOTUS

hai to all this is my first submission for our garden pl convey yr views

Rangoli: rangoli without dots

hai to all this is a freehand rangoli done by me .. yr views pl...

Rangoli: rangoli with dots

hai to all of u... this dotted kolam..(11dots 3varsai..7dots 2 varisai and 3dots 2 varisai)was done by me...yr views pl...

Rangoli: rangoli without dots

hai nithya ashok as i had said earlier after seeing ur kolam (uploaded on 11th of this month) this is somewhat a similar design i put on a margazhi day yr views pl

Rangoli: rangoli without dots

hai to everybody... this kutty kolam was done by durga(co sister) when she had come to my house last week...yr views pl

Rangoli: friday rangoli

hai to all this freehand kolam was done by me on friday.... yr views pl

Rangoli: craft rangoli

hai to everybody this craft piece is done using multicoloured thermocol balls yr views pl