rangoli without dots

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Durga! :) I mean...welcome once again. We've already enjoyed your designs at Rani's place, and now I'm thinking of shifting this beauty over to its new home. You should find this rangoli in your own folder, in the gallery, on Monday. Thank you for sharing your work here with all of us. And, we need more :) Thanks Rani dear for uploading not only your goodies, but your co-sister's as well.
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I think I forgot to add; beautiful birdies and kozhukattais (steamed dumplings).
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Very very neat strokes and beautiful birdies. Good kolam.
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Very nice kolam with beautiful strokes.
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hai latha... thats so kind of u..to give a place to durga as well... but one thing ...when ever she comes to our house then only she would be able to share her kolams as she doesn't have her own computer... anyway i shall convey d message to her...she would definetely be happy...thanks again .. )btw unga paarvayil kozhukkattai madiri teriyuda...engalukku tengai mela birds irukkura madiri irukkey enru sonnom aval kittey.......thank u sreegiri mam rajusree and anu for ur lovely appreciations...
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Ammu maam this cute and chubby bird kolam is very pretty....
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hai Durga, nice kolam. thengai inside the birds are nice. as latha's view it is also looks like kuzhukattai. eudhthu sapidalam pol ulladhu.
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hi rani.. sowkiyama? kolam by u n coloring by durga is it? good kolam.. lovely color combi..
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Thengay udanana kiligalai parththale paravasamaga erukku.Nice kolam.
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thank u usha mam pushpa mam vidhya and vasi mam for ur comments..(hi vidhya...fine how r u...kolam colour ellame durga thaan...)thank u...)
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looks pretty, cool birds looks like they have gained more wieght after eating kozhukkattai (its kaDabus/modaks right?)
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Nice gundu-gundu birds in Durga's style!
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Colourful birds.. looks very nice.
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Actually the moment I saw this kolam under Rani's folder I knew it should have been Durga's work because she is too meticulous with her drawing (from what I observed that day at the meet) and these absolutely flawless lines are her trade-mark too. Correctaa Rani?? Anirudh before reading you comments, I was going to say exactly what you said. I was quite surprised to read your comments because those were words from my mouth too :P Rani please tell Durga that these kuruvis are too cute :)
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nice kuruvies. Cant see much kuruvies nowerdays in chennai. I used to love watching them jumping around my backyard when i was small. Pity cant find them nowerdays.
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thank u anirudh.,jaya mam saranya and judy.. for ur comments...sure judy i shall convey ur appreciations to durga... thanks again
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I can see in this beautiful kolam, coconuts, mangoes and cute kuruvies and their feathers. Well done Durga. rajamma
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indira sundar
Cute kutty kolam Durgaji........-Indira
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