Rangoli: Merry Christmas 2014
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 9
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 8
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 7
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 6
Rangoli: Margazhi 2014- Day 5

hai this tomato kolam is for our vegetable garden...yr views pl...

Rangoli: CARROT

hai to all...this kutty carrot kolam is priyanka's(my sil's 12 yr daughter) submission....yr views pl..


hai...this mixed fruit kolam was done by priyanka herself...yr views pl...

Rangoli: rangoli without dots

hai to all this free hand kolam was done by priyanka(sil's daughter) yr views pl.

Rangoli: friday kolam

hai to all...this kavi kolam was done by durga (bil's wife)on a friday...yr views pl...

Rangoli: tuesday kolam

hai to all...thiswas done by me on tuesday...yr views pl..

Rangoli: copycat kolam

hai to all i just loved this deepa ram's kolam that i tried on a is d copycat kolam...(thanks deepa)

Rangoli: tuesday kolam

hai to all this kavi kolam was done on a tuesday which is a combination of my earlier two kolams itself...yr views pl