tuesday kolam

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Vah rey Vah! Very beautiful bright kolam as usual mind blowing!

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supera irukku

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very nice. All your posting are competing with each other. You have a huge bank of free hand rangoli's. Thank you.

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Yes Padma looks like she has an endless number of freehand kolams stored in her head.....

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As usual, crisp and lovely!

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow, Lovely kolam Raniji. Very beautiful design.

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Ammu maam indeed u r so talented ... so many freehand kolams u hv up your sleeve, this one too is a marvelous creation with kaavi adding the extra grandeur to the kolam

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Palichhhhhh kolam.

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Very beautiful, I would like to try this Smile shall I?

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Beautiful as usual..

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hai rani. super "o" super.

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hai to all...thanks a lotto each and everyone of u ...ofcourse brinda mam kekkanumaa enna...naan enna patentaa vechirukken...unga version paarkka waiting....

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சாதாரண தரை மேலே ஒங்க கை வழியே வந்து ஆடும் இந்த வெள்ளை பொடி கோல பொண்ணு இவ்வளவு அழகாக கண்ணை பறிப்பதன் ரகசியம் காவி நண்பன் கூட வருவதால் தானோ ?
On an ordinary floor , this white powder kolam girl, who is flowing from ur hand and dancing on it, looking so beautiful ,because of the Kaavi friend coming along with her?


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how come i missed this Rani??!!! May be in this 2-3 days gap.. It looks similar like what your bil's wife durga did.. However, the master mind behind the design was urs only na Ranii... So like your all other kolams, this also looks bright n bful.. I really appreciate you Rani.. You are the one who regularly uploads rangolis to our site. All your creations are so good. Keep this good work. Daily morning 4.45 am i put kolam.. but i have too much of works waiting for my one after another, neither i could colour it nor i have the great creativity to put white+kavi free hand kolams like you.. Thank you for sharing your rangolis.. They are one of the best collections of this site!!!

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By the way why did you change your photo rani? Who are these kids (one is ammu and the other is Chandini is it :)))))))))))))))

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thanks a lot rajammaji (after a long gap great that u r back....i missed ur comments...) vidhya....enna solradu...manasellam poorichu pochu...unga comments kettu...btw....those kids r my sil's kids priyanka and darshana...my daughter chandhini/ammu is a college going periya ponnu....

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Yes Rani, I too missed on commenting on the recent beautiful kolams from all of u. But I never missed to visit the site for 5 miniutes atleast to see the new releases.All ur kolams were bold, bright and beautiful.

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thank u rajammaji....

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it is very very very excellent.

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thank u sumbi...

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i wonder hw u could draw so symmetrical ,

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thanks uma for seeing my old kolams....