rangoli without dots

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hai to all this free hand kolam was done by priyanka(sil's daughter) yr views pl.

Rangoli: rangoli without dots


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pretty kolam and looks beautiful

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cute kolam neatly drawn


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Nice mridungam kolam Priyanka

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so sweet priyanka, looks good, we will wait for your next vacation to see more of your creations

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beautiful kolam from little Priyanka. The kolam is nice like your name Smile

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thank u rajammaji pushpa anirudh and brinda mam...anirudh.u r right....all d kids r back home at trichy....they have promised to come here just for this beautiful job of doing kolams here there and everywhere .....and upload and see their kolams being published in this wonderful site....

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Nice, they look like the tops to me.

Regards! - mOhana

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priyankakutty kolam is very nice.

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Kutties , kolam kollai azhagu........ thank you very much for sharing it...-Indira Sundar

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Good work Priyanka - simple yet neat Smile

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thank u jkm sir akhila mam indra mam and judy...

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Priyankakutty very nice kolam.

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very beautiful and neatly drawn priyanka.

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thank u vasi mam and usha mam....