Rangoli: Onam & Varalakshmi Pooja Wishes
Rangoli: Happy Weekend
Rangoli: Independence Day Wishes
Rangoli: Spread Your Wings
Rangoli: dotted kolam

The dot count for this kolam is 1-3-5-7-7-5-3-1. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam

Have just started making podikolams. Getting used to it very slowly. Hope you all like it. The dot count is 7-4 idukkupulli...

Rangoli: Bead embroidery

This was my first bead embroidery, done when I was 17. Had it all along as a keepsake. the first design was done at the back and the second one on the sleeves of my blouse. Was very proud of it. The Aunty who taught me embroidery asked me to make the same design for her, too.

Rangoli: Embroidery

This was my first embroidery on my own, when I was 17. Had it all along as a keepsake. The upper design is around the neck and the design below was done on the sleeves of my blouse.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam

Here is Purni's chalk kolam.

Rangoli: The Classroom

The Teacher and the 12 Students, on their blue and yellow bench and desks. This was made with recycled materials.

Rangoli: Christmas tree

Dharun, decorating the Tree with the greeting cards from his friends.

Rangoli: Easter egg cart

EASTER EGG CART- Dharun's first Easter Egg cart, for the Easter Egg Cart race, which was a part of the Easter Celebrations, in Charles Dickens Primary School, London.
He was in his Nursery and won the Most Beautiful Cart Prize for it.