Easter egg cart

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About Easter egg cart:

EASTER EGG CART- Dharun's first Easter Egg cart, for the Easter Egg Cart race, which was a part of the Easter Celebrations, in Charles Dickens Primary School, London.
He was in his Nursery and won the Most Beautiful Cart Prize for it.

recycled art
Rangoli: Easter egg cart


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Great timing Dharun, this year Easter falls on April 12th.
The birdies look very cute!
Purni, I like your style of recycling the recyclables! Smile

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Dharun/Purni good idea...looks nice.all the best Dharun..

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Very nice egg cart Purni.

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Dharun, Excellent egg cart!!!


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soo cute

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What a cute Easter Egg! Dharun you may not find this egg in the cart on Sunday (shhh I am planning to steal it for Easter)...

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Thank you Lata aunty, Lakshmi aunty, Indira aunty, Srenithy, Sumathi aunty & Judy aunty......
- Dharun....

Thanks a lot everyone..... wud upload more ideas for summer fun.....


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so cute pa. u have this much creativity in this young age. gud keep it up

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thanks a lot Nirmala Aunty.....