Dotted Kolam

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Have just started making podikolams. Getting used to it very slowly. Hope you all like it. The dot count is 7-4 idukkupulli...

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam


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The simple design and the border looks pretty Purni! Smile

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Purni 7-4 design is very nice . simple colors here and there with the cute border is very attractive.Try more.

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purni, your strokes are neat and smooth!
Share more and more with us!

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Wow... Thanks a lot Lata Ma'am, Rajamma Ma'am & Jaya Ma'am..... would keep on updating here on...
Started making kolams just seven months back, that too with chalk piece only.....Thanks to Ikolam & You all, I have just started with Arisi maavu.... so its holds all my concentration on very glad to hear that my strokes are good, Jaya Ma'am... sometimes the floor would be wet and my design would smudge...and I would have to start it all again... but I am sure that practise would surely make it perfect.... and with all your guidance, I would surely make it out easilly...

Thanking You all once again...

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Great Purni - what a colourful start.. I just love that cute border design.. Kutti kutti "Rail Boochis" travelling on the track..

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Thanks to you, Judy Ma'am... Borders are becoming easier with your designs in mind...

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purni madam, its very neat and attractive

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Thanks a lot, Radha ma'am... am really glad you liked it..

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hi, Purni ma'am... dont tell thanks to me i am very small girl to accept and pls convey to all thanks and your glad to this ikolam website.