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The Teacher and the 12 Students, on their blue and yellow bench and desks. This was made with recycled materials.

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Rangoli: The Classroom


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Purni, I'm glad you could share your art with us. I see the thermocol cupboard on the left side, and people made of paper. Have you recycled any other materials to make this classroom scene? Please add anything else here in the comments, and I'll add that to the description part. Welcome to ikolam, and thank you so much for taking the time to share. Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture!!!! great... good thought....excelent idea keep it up.thanks for sharing waiting to see some more..

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purni, indha teacher classil enakkum UKG padikkanum pole irukke. Jayanthi teacher paper specialist , u can take this idea.

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Thank You so much one and all...... so sweet of you all to appreciate my efforts..... actually the image here is bit bigger than it appears...... this whole class room fits in a 36piece dinnerware set-box..... all others r part and parcel of one side used charts, packing material of shirts,etc.... the book shelf on the side is a whole cardboard box, which came with dharun's favourite wafer biscuits, which i cut in between.... the table and chair were made up with waste sweet box, which had the very brown colour which i needed..... the pencils, pens and chalk piece on the table were made from half-cut used toothpicks..... u can hv a detail look of the classroom in my album link....

its just the thing i do.... i love doing art from waste..... and believe me or not, it is not at all encouraged at my home.... because i hv to dump most of the waste in my wardrobe.... Wink .....

Thanks a lot for your sweet comments Rajamma Ma'am, Lakshmiji..... and Lata, i am thanking you once again for letting me hv such appreciation.....


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Purni I am sure all the kids in IKOLAM have lots to do during their summer vacation now... as it is they are all such creative kids and you have given them such an excellent idea. I can already imagine them starting to collect their wafer packets or biscuit wrappers to make their own classrooms or playgrounds - and who knows what not...

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Thanks a lot, Judy Ma'am..... the least I cud do for such a wonderful website....