Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Border koal.
Rangoli: Karthigai Deepam
Rangoli: Canvas embroidery
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Jewel made by quilling materials

My grandson Naveen was preparing greeting card to present to his friend. He was doing it with quilling paper. I borrowed some from him and tried out as jewels. Girls now days like to wear jewels made up of all materials. So i think somebody may like this quilling materials jewel.

Rangoli: Embroidery design

This work is done by cone thread.
Done on a pure silk saree.
The name of the stitch is busque stitch.
centre design is button hole stich.
A new look given to my used pattu saree when I finished the embroidary.

Rangoli: Rangoli

This is a dotted kolam done at a festival time.
If it is done with dark colours will be more elegant.


Rangoli: Kamal Kadai embroidary

This is called Kamal Kadai embroidary.
I have done pallu of a polyester saree.
Cone thread is used to do the work.

Rangoli: Embroidary design

Lata, I am having a doubt. In Fabric design counter shall i send embroidary designs?
If permitted. here is one.
This is a typical Kerala cotton saree
Bought by me during my visit to Sabarimala.
I have done embroidary in green colour and added kundan stones in it.
Only on pallu i have done.

Rangoli: Artificial jewels

Sometimes back i got sudden interest in making artificial jewellery.
Friends have a look of these jewells.
I am sending this under arts and crafts sessio.

Rangoli: Kasu Mandabam

I had created one Kasu Mandabam for Lakshmi. This is done by 25 paise coins.
Originally it was done as kasu ther(Ratham). But due to limited space the man who did frame work had taken out two rows of coins from the chakkaram and made as Mandabam. So, the Radam became Mandabam. I am sending this for arts and crafts section.

Rangoli: Smiling faces

These two smiling faces are done by me in a plywood. The faces are also done by plywood. The background is done by tapping method. This I am sending into arts and crafts section viji