Jewel made by quilling materials

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About Jewel made by quilling materials:

My grandson Naveen was preparing greeting card to present to his friend. He was doing it with quilling paper. I borrowed some from him and tried out as jewels. Girls now days like to wear jewels made up of all materials. So i think somebody may like this quilling materials jewel.

Rangoli: Jewel made by quilling materials


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Pretty necklace. Diya likes to make a flamingo with twirled paper. I'll try to find one and post it may be in the summer.

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very nice & beautiful ma'm.

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Viji nice atr work.What is the thread and the mani attached to that?

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Viji madam nice design

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nice viji madam. i am also planning to do like this.

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wow superb!-suguna murugesan