Rangoli: Golu with kolam
Rangoli: Baby  krishna  lying on the basket
Rangoli: onam  celebrations
Rangoli: Beginners kolam
Rangoli: Beginners kolam
Rangoli: Lord  Ayyappan
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • elai pillayar
  • butterfly kolam
  • choclate dog
  • matchstick kolam
  • Tulsi kolam
  • Villakku kolam
  • Golu with kolam
  • Rangoli circle kolam
Rangoli: elai pillayar

I drew this elai pillayar and painted it.I am uploading to get the comments from ikolam members.

Rangoli: butterfly kolam

Spring season has come and it is the time to cheer.It is a romantic season.It is full of joy and flowers.Everybody likes the fruits of spring. So I also submit the butterfly kolam with full of enthusiasm.

Rangoli: choclate dog

I have arranged it in a dog shape with the help of coco chocolates. Watch and write comments. It looks like a real dog standing. Am I correct?.

Rangoli: matchstick kolam

i have created this kolam/rangoli using matchsticks. please post comments.

Rangoli: Tulsi kolam

Hai friends, I am submitting 2 tulsi madam kolams.

Rangoli:  Villakku kolam

My dear friends, I wish all of you a happy deepawali. I am sending villakku kolam with great pleasure for deepawali. Dots for this kolam is 19 dots for three rows.then it comes up to 3.

Rangoli: Golu with kolam

Hi friends,I am submiting this kolam with great pleasure.This kolam is a normal kolam.I added some colors to make it beautiful.I did this Kolam for navarathri special.I am fond of making different kolam infront of Golu because our floors are made of white tiles.The name of this kolam is Kalasa Kolam,and the dots are 15to 8.

Rangoli: Rangoli  circle kolam

Hi friends, I submit this kolam which is round shape and has no dots. It is very easy and I added many colors to make it more bright.