Lord Ayyappan

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About Lord Ayyappan:

It was drawn by my mother and made colour on it. How is it? What are your views?

lord ayyappa
Rangoli: Lord  Ayyappan


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Nicely drawn by your mother - maybe you can get it framed Smile

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very well drawn...d facial part has come out nicely...

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superb one. swami saranam ayyappa saranam

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Nicely drawn..lamps also looks nice

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Divine and graceful!

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice graceful drawing.

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Very well drawn and coloured.

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romba arumaiana manadhil deivigam niraikkum kolam

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divine rangoli

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Nice drawing and the face looks so graceful.

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Wow beautiful Ayappan photo, yes frame it after outlining it with a darker color.

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Beautiful drawing. The Face has all the Devine feelings, the fingers are drawn very neatly. Very nice picture!

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nice drawing of lord ayyappa.