Rangoli: Golu with kolam
Rangoli: Baby  krishna  lying on the basket
Rangoli: onam  celebrations
Rangoli: Beginners kolam
Rangoli: Beginners kolam
Rangoli: Lord  Ayyappan
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • cute sparrow
  • simple free design kolam
  • Fruits and veggies for the ikolam garden
  • Aum Ganapathy
  • roja poo kolam
  • rangoli design kolam
  • puja vilakku
  • garden butterfly
Rangoli: cute sparrow

Hai, I have drawn cute sparrow and coloured with brush and I am uploading for you to enjoy.My drawing is very poor.Anyhow I managed to draw.Tell me how it looks?.

Rangoli: simple free design kolam

Here is a kolam which is very simple. Dot counts are 10 to 2. I have made it paint.How does it look?.How do you feel?.

Rangoli: Fruits and veggies for the ikolam garden

Here are some vegetables and delecious fruits for the veggie garden,and I am looking forward to the comments and views from members.(veg are brinjal,carrot,bitterguard,pumpkin,capsicum,ladiesfinger and carrot.Fruits are melon,guava,banana,graps,and pomegranate.

Rangoli: Aum Ganapathy

I am uploading aum ganapathy for the ikolam members.please view and tell the comments.

Rangoli: roja poo kolam

I am uploading rose rangoli design kolam for the ikolam members and expecting your views and comments.

Rangoli: rangoli design kolam

This design was drawn by me and I am uploading it for he ikolam members.please give comments.

Rangoli: puja vilakku

I have created puja vilakku by putting dot counts 7 to 1 above and below respectively .then I painted with yellow colour.How does it look like?.Suggestion please.

Rangoli: garden butterfly

This is my creation to the ikolam garden.It is a free hand design kolam drawn by me and did the the garden butterfly and sparrow talking with each other and enjoys the colorful garden.