matchstick kolam

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About matchstick kolam : PRINT

i have created this kolam/rangoli using matchsticks. please post comments.

Rangoli: matchstick kolam


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Hai, This isMatch stick Rangoli/design. First time I am seeing like this. Great idea. Thank you shobha

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neatly done with lot of patience

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Shobha maam novel idea and neatly executed

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First time I'm seeing a a fantastic matchstick rangoli .! Thnks Shobha.

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Good imagination.

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Matchstick kolam is looking great. Novel idea.!Before somebody had made matchstick pookoodai.rajamma

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I'm glad you've started posting rangolis again Shoba. Wonderful idea of making rangoli using matchsticks. My daughter wants to make one of her own using this idea. One can reuse matchsticks many times, and have fun making lots of patterns this way. Smile

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thank you to everybody for their comments.

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nice novel idea of suing the sticks and forming a kolam.

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Hey this is a lovely idea Smile The match heads look like kavi design - excellent design - good thought Smile's picture

Good ideea very nice