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Rangoli: Freehand
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  • Lamp & Mango
  • Free hand kolam
  • Favourate kolam
  • Usual Kolam
  • small kolam
  • Free hand with chikku kolam
  • Chikku kolam
  • Butterfly kolam
Rangoli: Lamp & Mango

this is lamp cum mango kolam drawn during last month, your suggestions pls

Rangoli: Free hand kolam

this is a free hand kolam drawn in front of my house during fine Friday morning

Rangoli: Favourate kolam

This is my favourate kolam, often i used to draw this , thought of sharing with ikolam friends, did you like it?

Rangoli: Usual Kolam

This is 13 x 1 usual kolam drawn during last month in my house

Rangoli: small kolam

A small kolam in the pooja room on one fine friday

Rangoli: Free hand with chikku kolam

This kolam is also one of my favourate free hand kolam combined with sikku kolam

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

This kolam is drawn by my neighbour, on her request, iam uploading this for ikolam viewers

Rangoli: Butterfly kolam

My son is fond of butterfly kolam and to fulfill his wish, i drew this kolam , dots are 8 x 8