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Rangoli: Freehand
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
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  • Rangoli
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Rangoli: Ring-a-ring o' roses

The roses are in line to greet on Fathers' day!

Rangoli: Daily Kolam

I used to draw small kolams due to time constraint, this is one of the kolam drawn during last week

Rangoli: Rangoli

Here is a freehand rangoli design created and sent by Mrs.Nithya.

Rangoli: Rangoli

Here is a dotted butterflies kolam sent by Mrs.Nithya.

Rangoli: small kolam

I tried small/regular kolam with colours since inspired by Deepa

Rangoli: Kuzhal kolam

Inspired by Brindha mam's kolam, i too tried at my home

Rangoli: Inspiration Kolam

This kolam is drawn in my neighbours house on pongal day, inspired by Lakshmi Madam's kolam, i tried this, your suggestions please

Rangoli: Grapes drops

This is a free hand kolam bordered with grapes drops