Free hand with chikku kolam

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This kolam is also one of my favourate free hand kolam combined with sikku kolam

Rangoli: Free hand with chikku kolam


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Nithya maam wonderful fusion kolam... this is one of my favorites too... the extra fittings add to the beauty

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Nitya, simple and beautiful kolam. Even I use the middle part rangoli as i like that very much and the surrounding design differs each time i draw thia. good one

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Nice and effective. Most of the times, I see the lotus outside. It is nice to see it inside in this pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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all time favourite of all. U have drawn it so nicly.

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i agree with Rajam too this is also one of my favourite kolam. we can create a very big kolam from this basic one with nice extensions. Nithya you have done it very neatly keep it up.

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very nice and bright kolam ..good strokes

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Thank you one and all for the lovely comments, thank you