Chikku kolam

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This kolam is drawn by my neighbour, on her request, iam uploading this for ikolam viewers

Rangoli: Chikku kolam


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Wow I just love double strokes, it makes a simple kolam look elegant... Simple kolam looks elegant due to the double strokes and the extra fittings around the dotted kolam... Do give your neighbour our regards

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nice one nithya. convey to your neighbour. very nice one

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hai nithya mam thanks for giving us yrs as well as yr neighbour's kolam as well double thanks

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Simple but very nice....-Indira

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Very beautiful, I like the double strokes!

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice Xtensions to a dotted kolam.

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Pretty double-stroked bordering work on the dotted kolam. A big thank you to your neighbor Nithya, and also to her neighbor who took the time to upload. Smile

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Nithya, really nice double strokes. and the kolam looks very grand i liked the side borders too.

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very nice kolam ...