Kuzhal kolam

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About Kuzhal kolam:

Inspired by Brindha mam's kolam, i too tried at my home

Rangoli: Kuzhal kolam


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Yay! More love, beautiful love! Thank you. Smile

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hai nithya lovely kuzhal kolam where did u get this kuzhal the strokes are so even...

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It looks really very pretty and symmetrical..

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Lovely curves.. kolam looks very pretty!

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nithya it has come out very nice

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Nice kuzhal kolam.

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I like the nice twist to the heart shapes. Beautifully drawn.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nithya maam a pretty kuzhal kolam...

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Nithya, like Brindha you also try to add some colors and extra fittings by hand!

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Nithya, ur hand also dancing nicely with the kuzhal.Nice design , very neatly drawn.

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Excellent kuzhal kolam. The design looks good and the kuzhal strokes have come out neat.

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Hey Nithya - soon you too will become an expert in kuzhal kolams I think - very pretty kolam. The design is really pretty Smile

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Thank you everybody for the lovely encouragement

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Very neatly drawn kolam, Nitya. The curves have come out really nice.