Ring-a-ring o' roses

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About Ring-a-ring o' roses:

The roses are in line to greet on Fathers' day!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Ring-a-ring o' roses


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Nice dotted roses rangoli Nithya. This nursery rhyme is better known with the following two titles; Ring around the roses, or, Ring-a-ring o' roses. Let me know which one you prefer. I usually correct the names both in terms of the phrases and spelling too, if and when needed. Smile

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very nice how many dots

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lovely and cute kolam nithya....waiting for ur reply for that sunday funday submission....

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Oh, sorry lata, I prefer Ring-a-ring o' roses, Thank you very much all of your for the your comments

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Nice cute roses going round and round.

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Very pretty bunch of roses Nithya - you have drawn it very neatly. Biggrin

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nice roses nithya.

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beautiful strokes!!!

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This is similar to bottom left kolam in collage http://www.ikolam.com/node/13408?p=11787. Mine was pink and white roses and here it is pure white. Nice white rose kolam nitya.

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Pretty roses and neatly drawn Nithya maam... they would look more beautiful if colored

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Thank you everybody. Ha, Padma madam, when i saw your kolam, i thought mine will be a poor presentation, white kolam colour kolam kuda potti poda mudiyuma?

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nice design.

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lovely roses, Nithya:)

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Hi Nithya, how r u , very nice and beautiful white roses kolam going on a merry go round