Rangoli: Maakolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Sprinkle of Flowers
  • Flowers
  • Flat Kolam
  • Lotus
  • Shivarathri Kolam
  • Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009
Rangoli: Sprinkle of Flowers

This sprinkle of flowers have dots of 12 twice to 2 dots (straight dots)

Rangoli: Flowers

This Kolam's size is 13 dots and stop at 7 (center dots 13 x 7).

Rangoli: Flat Kolam

This Kolam's dots are 9 X 9 made using paintbrush.

Rangoli: Lotus

This Kolam was made using Paintbrush option on computer. Number of dots is 7 x 7. Have many kolams but using this method is tedious. I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me on the appropriate tool or software that I could use to easily draw the kolams. Thanks hope you like it.

Rangoli: Shivarathri Kolam

This is a 15 to 5 kolam, straight dots.

Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

This is a pongal pots kolam and the dots are 17 dots (3 times) to 3, and the medium used is rice flour and colours mixed with rice flour.