Copy Cat Kolam

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Always loved padi kolams... so this is my first attempt at Padi maavu kolam using ideas and copying designs from some of the ikolam members ... so if you find some similarity to any one of your kolams ... be sure it is a copy from your kolams. Not a very perfect one... yet felt like sharing with you all ... comments welcome

Rangoli: Copy Cat Kolam


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Pushpaji, I like the checkered pattern with kaavi dots in this padi kolam. Smile

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Pushpa, it is realy looking very nice. Kaavi gives added charm. one small suggestin. Please dont put three ezhai while putting padikolam.

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Rajamma ma'am thank you... but can u enlighten me on "three ezhai" do u mean the outer three designs at the four corners or the three lines in the middle after the square??

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Pushpa great attempt and wonderful outcome... I can see Rajamma's imprint on this kolam... Is there any rule while putting padi kolams Rajamma - I mean the number of lines, like you just said not to put 3 lines??

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I donot know the rule, but elders at home use to say 'Donot put oorizhai(one line) or moorizhai(3 line) while putting kolam for pooja or functions.

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Ya that's what I meant - it should be even number lines right??

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padi means step .step by step increased or decreased kolams called padikolam.It should be drawn even numbers in functional days.put "orizhai" or "moorizhai"means there is a sad news in that house.

Pushpa madam,Your kolam looks neat and good.I also like the checkered pattern.

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nice kolam...the checks looks rich

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Thanks for the information on the lines everyone

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Looks nice