Krishna Padam

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This is Krishna's feet which I drew on Krishna Janmashtami.. Hope you like it...

Rangoli: Krishna Padam


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SOOOOO Cute, Pushpa Ma'am.... good thought of framing it.....

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pushpaji ,kaavi designs looks nice.

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Thank you Purniji and Lakshmiji

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What a contrast!
Normally we draw Krishna's feet with white flour(supposed to be butter) on red-oxide floor!
Now it is the other way! Butter all around and Krishna's feet covered with mud on that!

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Oh!!! is it wrong to draw krishna's feet this way? I just felt that the foot prints were not visible in the light pink flooring that I have... If I was wrong please let me know

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while playing krishna came with that feet i think.

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Wow....cute & nice arrangements

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Pushpa lovely idea... not wrong at all..

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Vennai unnum kannanaam, mannai thinnum kannanam.....white/red all one for him! nice work Pushpa.