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Hi ,

This is Manjula.....i have done this design on a black cloth with only chain stich and filling it with criss criss stiches.... This is my first post....



Rangoli: Embroidary


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Manjula! Your first post looks absolutely gorgeous! I like the color combination you've chosen; black and tan with a hint of red here and there, with a few mirror dots. Lovely pair of peacocks! Thank you for sharing this piece with all of us. Smile

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Hi... thank u so much for a nice welcome u have given me ..

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Manjula madam, your peacocks are elegant.Baby elephantsare cute. pleasing to the eyes
with apt color thread work.

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Hi...thank u rajammaji..... Smile

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Ohh Wow, Manjulaji.... It is wonderful..... Welcome to Ikolam... waiting to see more of such splendid work.... Keep up your good work...

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Hi... thank u purniji....thanks for the welcome.... will try to upoad more stuff Smile

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Very pretty to look at! Nice mirror work too!
Personally I would have put the elephants in the middle and the peacocks at the top and bottom. Sizewise, it would have been more elegant.

Regards! - mOhana

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Hi...thank u mohanaji..... will do another one with ur suggestion.... Smile

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Excellent embrodery work

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Manjula madam, excellent embroidery work. Thanks for sharing

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Welcome to ikolam, manjula!
Your embroidery is very neat and professionlal!

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What a grand entry into ikolam Manjula, welcome aboard - lovely embroidery looks very very professional - only thing you should have put a black dot inside the white mirror for the eye of the peacocks, thereby giving more life to the birds... my personal opinion though..

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Hi... thank u....... what u have suggested is very true..... will add that on :).....

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WOW!!!! looks very grand...colour match ... wonderful!!!

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Excellent and pleasing work manjulaji ...keep up your good work....

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cute peacocks and ssssssooooooooo sweet elephants.Thank u for sharing.

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Wow Manjula, fantastic, really its looking very beautifull, i would like to make, can u please tell me how to start. awaiting for ur reply..

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u would need a meters black cloth.... use it diagnolly trace out any design that u wish.. give a border of chain stich (i have used orange here) and fill the inside with criss cross stich (i have used cream) better to use contrast shades for a good finish... use mirror work for the final finish the way u want and give it for framing.... takes sometime to finish but worth the pain

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Very beautiful work. Simly awesome.