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About Embroidary:

I just want to give my contribution then there.
But what to do?
My kaivannam is crafts and embroidary only.
O.K. O.K. Let me be an excemption from kolams.
Lata, doing embroidary works can also be consider as handwork equal to kolam no?

peacock feather
Rangoli: Embroidary


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Yes Viji, ur artwork is like a cashewnut in the kesaribath!! It adds the taste and we all enjoy it. Here the blue mayil peeli is so cute and pretty.

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hai viji mam...this design is so lovely....where have u done this design...on a kerchief or a tableclothaaa...so nice...

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Hey Viji - so what if you don't do kolams you are such an expert in embroidery and I envy you a lot because I love stitching and embroidery and have not had much opportunity to learn the different types like you do. This peacock feather looks so lovely - excellent Smile

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yes very lovely and gud one.

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The peacock feather looks very real, Viji!

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very nice work in embriodery with blue feathers. really an excellent design.

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wow Rajamma mam instand reply that too very tasty. Thanks mam.
Ammu i have done it in a cloth and made at picture framme. It is in the table in my sons drawing room now.
Judi Thanksda. Let us apart all our own work one day and dedicate to art alone. Teach me photoshop and me teach you embroidary okva?
Thanks my friends, alamelu, Brinda and sudha.

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This peacock's feather has come out pretty and realistic. Each strand looks nice. Embroidery is an equally challenging art, and only some people have the patience for it. I managed a couple of monograms on some hankies a long time back, and haven't found the time or the materials for it since then. Craft and needlework are great artistic fields too, and we're lucky to be treated by members like Viji madam. Smile

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helo viji madam how ru?how is ur DIL?it looks very beautiful...

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Viji maam this is a wonderful art form as well and as Lata maam said requires a lot of patience... this peacock feather design has come out very nice

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Beautifully embroidered handsome peacock feather! By the way, information about the website could have been given at the bottom, it being in the middle is ruining the overall impression.

Regards! - mOhana

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hai viji, yr kai vannam peacock feather design embroidary work is superb.

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Viji, How can we forget your e-kolams? Let's have variety here. Keep going!

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Wow wonderful peacock feather embroidery. Excellent work.

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very nice artistic work. It is better if you remove the URL address on the image. Peacock feather looks natural too.

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beautiful art work.