ratha sapthami

Hahaha...wow ..wow...here comes a kutty laksh in our site....this beautiful carpet is looking great uma....mundikkitteenga ennaya(u have gone ahead of me)...since i was also too tempted to try atleast one indoor rangoli like laksh....this has come out so so beautifully dear....
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Suguna Murugesan
small ratham is super!-suguna murugesan
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Whom ur iviting to catk walk in this magical carpet?
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Uma neither do I know anything about Radhasapthami. It was Rani who tempted me to make one and I did. Now I am also glad you decided to get tempted and make such a cute kutty Radham. Looks perfect to me in all aspects except that you should have given a white outline for the sun as it is lost in the background yellow. The outside green and brown strings gives a feel of a woollen rug - very well done..
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Very nice Ratham with beautiful background Uma!!!!! It has come out very nice.....
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Very cute Ratham kolam... seeing the thumbnail, it thot it was another one from Laks... well done
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thanks a lot rani and pushpa(kutty laksh ha ha ha what a grt title , hope i would make myself deserving this in the forecoming days), suguna,rekha( cat walk no no rat walk took place at nyt, papu felt d paws of rat impressions looked like a stencil wk), jude(he he he we both have sailed in d same bo...ratham), veni and jeyanthi
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Wow..this is really a wonderful mini carpet from you Uma. Decorated very beautifully and I liked the colors You have used here. Great work.
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fine work. Nice Radham. See, RAdhasaptami over and it does continue in oursite. very nice. viji
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beautiful ratham Uma...rani hehehe.nice colours.looks sweet/.......
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so sweet! Inspiration makes you do such lovely work! rajamma
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A very cute and sweet Ratha kolam. Uma, your colouring and designing of the Ratham and the background makes it look like a cute doll Ratha kolam. Thank you, I have enjoyed this kolam very much :) !! -Sindhuja
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thanks a lot sowmi, viji,laksh,rajamma mam and sindhu(happy that u enjoyed)
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